Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered a shortlist of our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer you are looking for here, please call 1300-672-253 to speak with a Boss Specialist.

Is the base made of plastic or metal?

The base is made of a heavy duty diecast metal then polished to give it a premium finish.

What is the jug made of?

The Boss jug is made from Triton copolyester plastic. It is a heavy duty BPA Free material that will withstand cracking or breaking if dropped.

How fast does the Boss go?

The Boss has a super powered motor that maintains power, even under heavy load. The blade speeds are 200km/hr under load and has a 3 horsepower (2200W) motor.

What makes the Boss better than other similar products on the market?

The Boss jug comes with the unique Pro Kinetix blade and bowl system. This system is designed to move foods more easily around the jug therefore requiring less intervention. Also the design of the jug and the bowl sweeping blades means you only need one jug for wet and dry ingredients.